Thursday, August 23, 2007

PG Ratings (or how Bioware learned to stop worrying and love swear words)

What we don't do to keep our games safe for the children (apart from the lesbian romance scene, but that's another topic).

I was told early on that we couldn't go to the Deadwood level of cussing. No dropping a stray 'cocksucker' here or there.

We wanted the Indiana Jones level of swearing.

Well - the official swear count is in and here it is.


Jensies said...

lesbian romance scene??

BioKeith said...

Well really one of em, the alien, is more asexual than anything - she just looks female (to make it acceptable to the ratings board, of course - and all the guys at the company meeting).

Stormwaltz said...

Apparently the Brritish press thinks lesbian sex is the greatest thing since pixels.