Tuesday, March 24, 2009

War crimes or misdemeanors

Opinion from the BBC today - should we still be hunting down the last nazi war criminals?
To me, it seems kind of hypocritical that we would be spending so much time and energy hunting down criminals from 65 years ago and no time and energy prosecuting criminals from today (ahem...george w bush).
Hmmmm - waged an illegal aggressive war...check.
treatment of prisoners outside of the geneva conventions...check.
created a base of support among the top industrialists in his country...check.

Now if George W ends up 'retiring' down in south america that'll just be a coincidence.

Back from vacation

Not sure why I needed all that time off, but it seemed like the thing to do at the time.
Perhaps I didn't need the outlet. Perhaps I had nothing to say.
Most likely - I was just plain lazy.
First step, back to some semi-regular posting.