Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hello world?

Some days, do you feel like the universe is ignoring you?
Pretty rude, if you ask me. Sure, I haven't written in a while, but still - it's not like it was on purpose. I was just really busy.
So 'yo - universe - still here - show a brother some love'.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Gods

Since I was praying to the A/C gods the other day (rather unsuccesfully), I was wondering who else would make it into a modern pantheon of gods?
Some of the old ones might still be around - like gods of war, love, carousing, the harvest - but I bet if we were making up gods today there'd have to be a bunch of new ones.
There would definitely have to be a god of the Internet. A god of the automobile. A god of cities. How about a god of cellphones and modern communication. You could text your prayers to him. Or maybe that would be a her. Probably the oil companies would have their own god. That one would definitely be a he. Can't picture a goddess being that evil or corrupt.
What else am I missing?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Early starts

5:30 AM. Why is there even a 5:30 AM? I really only need the afternoon version, yet for some reason, I'm awake at 5:30 in the morning these days. Doesn't seem to matter what time I've gone to be, 10, midnight, 1 - I'm wide awake and staring at those numbers on my clock radio the next day.
I remember when I was young, my dad was always an early riser. He'd get up about 6 and go sit in his chair and catch up on his reading. He'd always be there if I ever dragged myself up extra early to watch my cartoons.
Maybe it's just something with getting older - the body rebels against sleep. I used to love sleeping in till noon. Can't even remember the last time I did that. These days, 9 is sleeping in.
I guess this might be something to get used to. Oh well - at least I have plenty to read.