Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ahh Sweden...

I think I have a Swedish problem...
I guess the first step is admitting it, right? And really...who doesn't have a little bit of a crush on the Swedes? It might be the blonde hair. It could be the accent. Maybe it's the fact that I've never met an out of shape Swede. Whatever it is - there's something about them that makes me long to meet a girl named Inga.

I'm not sure what's got me thinking about them lately - maybe it's because we're coming up on the 10th anniversary of the Swedish exchange student incident of '98. That's a long time to go without meeting a nice swedish girl for a guy with a swedish girl fetish.

Have I mentioned that the Swedish consulate happens to be across the parking lot from my new place? Probably entirely a coincidence. And I'm sure they don't mind that I spend some afternoons staring longingly at their door.

But just in case they do, maybe it's better if we keep that bit quiet.

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