Friday, February 15, 2008

Seasons change

I've discovered a season between Winter and Spring...Winting?, Spinter? Let's just call it Slush. The temperature starts fluctuating between -5 and a little over 0, combined with some fresh snow from last week nad here we are. There are mountains of it at the moment.

Forget about trying to keep your car clean. Hell - forget about trying to get into or out of your car without getting the cuffs of your pants slimed by it. You track it everywhere you go, leaving little puddles that blind detectives could use to follow your movements. The mat at the entrance of every building you enter is a sodden mess that you squelch through as you go in.

Pretty much the only good thing about Slush is that at least it means that Spring is vaguely close. Close enough to glance sideways at (you don't want to look right at it or it will get scared and dissappear for another month).

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