Monday, July 23, 2007

Cure Needed

It was a hot, tired and grumpy sunday for me yesterday. One of those days where you really just feel like hanging out, with no one and just take a break from the world. Maybe watch an old movie or something (The Natural happened to be on, so that fit the bill perfectly).

But what's a good cure for the grumps? Alcohol doesn't work - I find that to be more of a mood enhancer - so if you're in a bad mood to start, you just end up in a worse mood after.
Today I tried the pizza lunch theorem. boys sure makes good za! But that just seems to have made me tired and groggy for the afternoon (the cheese effect, I believe).

Suggestions anyone?


Cookie Everman said...

Hugs. They are the best cure for the grumps. Whenever you need one, Paddington, you know where to find me.

michie said...

So often when we pose a question to someone else, we answer our own question... What is the cure for grumpiness, you ask? And I quote:

hanging out, with no one and just take a break from the world

Sounds like the best idea to me!!!

Anonymous said...

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