Friday, July 13, 2007

It's a dry heat...

It's officially here.

The one week of the year in Edmonton where we could actually use air conditioning in the house. Especially me, being in the upstairs part of the house. When it hasn't rained to cool things down, it gets stinking hot up there.

Bye bye sheets. Bye bye PJs. Time to just lay there sweltering in my own sweat.
My sure fire cure for it being too hot to sleep used to be to drink enough to pass out. Unfortunately that's not always the greatest solution on a work night.

What I need is some genius to come up with the 'cold blanket'. Now there's a million dollar idea, I tells ya. If only I had a penny for all my million dollar ideas - I would have a million dollars!

Until then - I sweat.


michie said...

It's called a "fan"... The difference between suffering in sweat and having a delightfully breezy snooze:)

Cookie Everman said...

Also, don't you have a basement? Sleep naked down there. That should cool you off. Just don't sleep naked on the leather couch. That can only end in tears.