Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gravity is a harsh mistress

After hearing lots of stories about prima donna actors it was nice to discover that Patrick Warburton is a genuinely nice guy.

We went to see his movie The Civilization of Maxell Bright last night, and had a chance to chat with the actors at the post movie party. Patrick was very excited about showing the movie here and seemed quite interested and appreciative of our comments about the movie - of course, leave it to Mich to ask about the nude scene.

Now if only someone would make a second season of The Tick.

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Jensies said...

Wow that's so cool! Seems like a lot more fun than the grocery shopping and food record analysis I was doing. Oh and shitty parking. It was a fun evening for me. So jealous right now. I hope he wouldn't be offended, but The Emperor's New Groove is probably my favorite movie of his. (but I haven't seen the Tick ... however I do have mad undying love for Cronk)