Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Small World

Back from London and it was spectacular.

It got me to thinking about how much travel can influence people - broaden their horizons - expose them to new cultures and new ideas. I've lived a pretty privileged life. My parents dragged me around the world on their own travels when I was young, so I was exposed to some pretty cool things. I think that's why I have this lifelong love of exploring.

So what I'm that unlike a lot of other countries that have a year of compulsory military service when you turn 18, Canada should force kids to travel. Here's your ticket and your passport. Get out of the country and don't come back for 6 months or a year or something. Why not give them $5000 or something at the same time - think of it as a reward for finishing high school.

Of course, maybe we don't want a pack of teenagers spreading Canada's reputation overseas. What if we say when you hit 21? Hmmm - I've seen a lot of obnoxious 20 year-olds. Ok - 25 for sure. By 25 you've got your shit together, you're ready to be bohemian and see some other cultures.

Nah - 25 is too late - I'm going back to 18. Why not a compulsory SWAP program (student work abroad program). Make the little buggers work somewhere overseas. I like that. You finish high school, you come in to a room, they spin a globe and stick a pin in and then some councillor sets you up with a job somewhere far away. Tell me how many parents would love that? Get those kids out of the house right away - get them to work - get them out of their comfort zones.

When I'm in charge around here - that's now on my list of things to do.

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