Friday, November 9, 2007

Brain = cool

Have you ever woken yourself up from a dream?
This month - I seem to be dreaming a lot - or at least I seem to be remembering the dreams I'm having.
I had one where a large spider was dropping towards my head. I remember telling myself to 'wake up' and jerking my head up and away. I did that three times and the weird part was that I was still in the dream, but I could also feel myself actually moving my head. Then I woke up and I was half sitting up, trying to jerk my head up and away. It didn't even take me a minute to realize that I had been dreaming - I had already figured that out while I was still asleep.
Some days, dreams really do fascinate me.

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Cookie Everman said...

Tag! You're it! Read this for details:

And yes, the brain is definitely cool. I've had "lucid" dreams, too. It's kinda freaky.