Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ghosts and of

A couple of selections from our costume contest - there were lots of good ones this year.
Not sure who won yet (and the one I voted for I haven't even put on here - that's how many good ones there were)

Every Halloween needs a ghost

And something from ghost busters

The Mask of Vulcan (from that old Hercules cartoon)

The obligatory cross-dresser


Not to be confused with the Mask

SNLs ambiguously gay duo

what a blockhead

a pretty good Bruce Lee

Anyone else see some good halloween costumes this year?


Jensies said...

AHAHAHA!! Oh my God!! The Ambiguously Gay Duo just made my day! The cross-dressing schoolgirl kind of worried me. How did he find shoes big enough??

BioKeith said...

What's even worse is how comfortable Patric was in those high heels. (Also - I found it very hard to maintain eye contact when talking to him)

michie said...

You were looking at his boobies, weren't you...