Friday, November 16, 2007

A pox on the late left turners

Being from Edmonton, I'm used to bad drivers. But lately, one thing has really been pissing me off. People who run a red light to turn left.

Sure, maybe one guy - who is already sitting in the intersection is fine to turn left, but when two or three drivers after him go through as well, my roge starts to come out. (Roge is my friend Alex's term for road rage - patent pending)

Seriously though - WTF! Those 2 or 3 dum-dums interrupt the left turn signal for people coming through the other way so that maybe only half the cars that should get to use the left turn signal - thus increasing everyone's roge. (dum-dums is my term for fucking idiots - patent pending)

Every time it happens, I curse the fact that my car doesn't have any vehicular mounted weaponry.

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nater said...

i feel your pain