Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas shopping

Don't start! It's only December 6th - waaaaay too early to start your christmas shopping yet.
Trust me.
I didn't take my own advice and look what it's got me. Now there's something better that I want to buy for someone I've already bought something for. Now they get two presents.
Ok - sure, this strategy works for those who are receiving the presents, but as for me - the giver of the presents - it raises the stress level.
That's why I wait till the last possible moment to go out and finish the old christmas shopping - that way all of my options are in front of me. There's no waiting for that new book or new gadget to come in next week. You have to buy that present now!
Actually - now that I think about it - if everyone followed my strategy, the stores might get a little busy when I make my trip so cancel that. The rest of you please resume your regularly scheduled shopping.


Cookie Everman said...

You know what you could do? Stockpile that 2nd present for next Christmas, or for the person's birthday. That way, you'll be prepared.

BioKeith said...

You're nuts! I couldn't pull it off. I'd explode if I had an ungiven present around for too long.