Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Year's resolutions

With the new year rapidly approaching, I've been giving some thought to new year's resolutions.
Usually, I'm not a big subscriber to them. I have an easy time coming up with resolutions for other people, but not so much with myself (if you're looking for one, just let me know - I'll hook you up). At least - I have a hard time keeping to new year's resolutions. It becomes kind of a game you play - how long will I actually remember this bit of self-enlightenment? February if I'm lucky?

Maybe I'll go back to a phrase for the year.

Some past pearls of wisdom have included 'The grass is not greener', and 'Live' (said with one fist raised in the air). Both were quite effective.

So what should 2008's phrase be?


Cookie Everman said...

"Don't be a dick."

BioKeith said...

Not quite inspirational enough...

michie said...

Yeah I don't do resolutions. However, one year on his blog Zach Braff listed some of his new year’s resolutions. They were funny...

-Forgo all exercise (including walking),
-Learn to smoke (something thin like Capri's),
-Take my loved one's for granted,
-Stop washing my hands after twosies,
-Laugh at babies who are late walkers,
-Pull leaves off trees that appear to be flourishing,
-Name the yet to be named voices in my head (something tough like Carl or Kyle)
-Be less kind to bunnies,
-Floss everything but my teeth,
-Travel (but only around my yard and with a light carry-on)
-Stop and smell the Rosens. (They're a wonderful family and absolutely compulsive about showering.)


Anonymous said...

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