Monday, December 10, 2007

Refund please

Have you ever been to a movie so bad, so incredibly stupid - that you've actually walked out on it? What happens if it's a stupid dream? How do you walk out on that?
I had a dream where I was back working at my old job. Managing at some crummy retail store. And I was reciting the corporate line - trying to convince the other employees what a great place to work it was. Trying to get them to drink the corporate cool-aid, as it were.
What a crappy waste of a dream that was.
There's an hour of unconsciousness I'll never get back.
I think there's only ever been one actual movie that I've walked out on. Madonna's first movie. What the hell was it called? Desperately Seeking Susan? Don't ask what prompted two teenage boys to go see that - maybe it was the vague hope that she'd get naked. Add that to the list of disappointments about that movie.

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