Friday, January 11, 2008

In praise of older women

Well - christmas vacation is almost done so I guess it's long past time that I got back to my routine.

New Year's Eve in Vegas was its usual crazy self. Fremont street was packed with revelers. We were serenaded by a few bands, including the Bangles. Yes...those Bangles. I don't think they've done anything since the mid 90's, so I'm not sure what the comeback occasion was, but I must say - they are still looking pretty fine. I have fond memories of Susanna Hoffs from those days and I will just say WOW, she has aged well.

That's it for me and Vegas, though. I am Vegassed out. No more. 2008 - year of clean living, I tells ya! Hmmmm...I do have that trip to Austin coming up though. This may throw a wrench into my plans. I better go have a drink and think this over.

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