Monday, January 28, 2008

Project Quotes

Even during the darkest days of my last project, we could always depend on one thing...flippantness would get us through the day.

Here's some random quotes from the project that was...Mass Effect.

Names have been slightly abbrviated to vaguely protect the not-so-innocent

"I'm thirty-six. For me 'angry white music' is Duran Duran." - P
"BioWare has the fattest pipe in Edmonton." - JA, discussing bandwidth... we hope...

MT: "Wait, they’re doing something cultural..."
J: "...I better throw a grenade."

"We travel through space with PESSIMISM!" - JA, on the Alcubierre Drive's negative energy
"I just want to point out that all our mammals have six legs, and all our insects have four." - C

P: "Two words: Pla-gar-ism!"
CL: "That's three words."

"Man, if I had tenure here, I wouldn't be wearing pants." - D
"You suck at teh internet." - L

P: "I just got dinged by Kevin for a four-day, thirty-six-hour training session."
D: "Why don't they teach you how to avoid meetings so you can get actual work done?"

"You can never truly appreciate how smoothly a Saturn rides until you've ridden in the trunk." - JH

P: "Geopolitics wants us to change the name of the ship from 'Normandy.'"
G: "Why? Are they afraid Germans will be offended by the loss of France?"

P: "Everyone ready to hear the memory budget?"
L: "Did you bring lube?"

D: "My memory of Paris was the time I tried to go to a public bathroom, and I guess they locked them at night, because someone took a s--t right in front of the door. I was like, 'Ah... Paris.'"
L: "City of Lights."

JA: "You know what the world needs more of? Action Science!"
JH: "What's that?"
JA: "I don't know, but the world needs more of it."
This was shortly followed by an e-mail from J stating the following:"Boo. Real action science sucks, and has little or nothing to do with scientists being awesome."

"We've got the X-Box 360! We can do anything! It goes ALL THE WAY AROUND!" - L
"Remember, we make fun, we don't HAVE fun." - P

D: "Whoa! I can see a journal entry in the game!"
P: "Quick, get a screenshot before it crashes!"

"Light a fire for a man; keep him warm for a day. Light that man on fire; keep him warm for the rest of his life." - P

"I can't believe we had Pantless O'Clock and I missed it. But I'm kinda glad I did..." - M

"We don't have a work flow. We have a work WALL. Every day you pick it up and move it an inch forward, and every so often it falls over on you and you have to rebuild it." - KH

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