Monday, January 14, 2008

Made in China

I'm not sure when China took over the world - it seems to have happened so slowly that I never noticed. Does anyone else find it funny that the bastion of the capitalist world is the last remaining communist super power?

Why is it so impossible to find anything that hasn't been made in China these days?
Salt and Pepper shakers. Blankets. Cookie sheets. Humidifiers. Seems like every shop I go to - Anything I would pick up, whatever it was I was looking at, flip it over and there was that little sign.

Maybe it's impossible to fight. Who can blame people for wanting to buy something as cheaply as possible? Who can blame corporations? They are but driven by shareholders who expect the most return on their money as possible.

2008 and I think this war is lost. I'm not giving up, though - I'm turning this into a guerrilla war. One purchase at a time.

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