Monday, February 26, 2007

The greatest time in human history

I went to see David Suzuki speak on the weekend. I am incredibly impressed with the passion he brings when he speaks. Trying to deal with big business and big government must have been like getting double root canals on some days, and to stay as committed and involved as he has says a lot about the man. I know how daunting the task of dealing with global warming looks to me. Trying to change the habits of a society based on consumption seems almost impossible.

One thing he said really stuck with me. His daughter described the time we're living in as the 'greatest time in human history'. The way she looks at it is that the decisions that are being made today have the potential to change the course of human history. Sure a little melodramatic, but nonetheless, true. Climate change is happening despite what Ralph Klein may think. It's up to us all to try and place some long-term vision in the heads of our short-term thinking politicians.

Sign up at and make your voice heard.

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