Friday, February 23, 2007

Instant Karma

Where is Karma when you need her?
I'm driving to work today and the guy in front of me at the lights is smoking in his car. No big deal right? As long as he's not blowing it in my face what do I care. Then as he pulls off, he flicks his butt out onto the street. I think that's the one thing that pisses me off most about smokers - they all seem to feel that the earth is their ashtray.
Maybe it's chic now to feel sorry for smokers - since they have been banned from polluting others and are forced to huddle outside in little packs to pursue their habit - but they still manage to piss me off. Why are people so oblivious about litter - especially when it comes to cigarettes? How hard is it to actually find somewhere to put your refuse other than tossing it to the four winds? I hate walking down a sidewalk on Whyte and having to wade through last night's piles of crap.
Anyway - I was hoping karma would drop some black ice down in front of the butt-thrower and I'd come around the corner to find him down in the ditch. Damn slow ass karma. Oh well - maybe he had a kink in his neck when he got to work.

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