Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Two weeks without coffee!
What's the best way to quit something? Cold turkey, or slowly wean yourself off?
Maybe its the act of going for coffee that I miss. The social aspect of the 'coffee break'.
Not that I couldn't just go and get a chai or something.
Maybe it's the smell. I love the smell of fresh roasted coffee. There's something so earthy and delicious about it.
Is it the taste that I can't do without? I usually drown it in milk and sugar, so I guess that one's out. I never could get behind straight black coffee. I think I tried it after watching Twin Peaks...bleechh.

Damn it! I sure could use a break right now? ...2nd Cup anyone? ...Anyone?


michie said...

WHY would you ever want to quit coffee? Does it control your life? Seems like it's controlling your life more now in quitting it!

BioKeith said...

Coffee will never control me! Twitch...twitch...

Jensies said...

I concur with Michie - what the dill!? Was this just to see if you could? I don't see any other reason a rational person would give up coffee (you are a man though ... despite what they think I really believe males have a warped sense of what's "rational" ... I think it's just often confused with "awesome" or "dude ... did you see that explosion)

so can we come to your office and drink our freshly roasted & brewed coffee just to torment you? ;)

canadian sadie said...

I gave up coffee for Lent, so I feel your pain. I miss the ACT of coffee as much as the taste and soothing deliciousness. I feel your pain.

We could go to 2nd Cup together in different cities next time you're Jonesing. Granted, it'll make conversation a bit of a challenge, but...hey, can't have everything!