Friday, February 16, 2007

Misplaced rants

I was recently reminded of the power of writing and why I must continue in my goal of writing more.
It was a couple months back - shortly after our provinces latest budget surplus predictions had come out - that I came across a story on Liberia on the BBC.
How many billions of dollars in surplus are we because of our oil. The country of Liberia has an annual budget of $129 Million. 129 Million! I look at the disparity of wealth in the world, and I look at the short-sightedness of our politicians and I got angry enough to write a letter to the premier.
Well, as happens - a month or so passes and I've forgotten about Liberia and moved back to my own petty concerns about work and life. But then I get a letter in the mailbox. Something official looking. Assuming that I'm in some kind of trouble, I open the letter with some trepedation. To my surprise - its from the minister of intergovernmental affairs. In it, the minister (or more likely some researcher on his behalf), outlined what Alberta has and is doing for foreign aid.
(you may want to check out - a fund I'm not sure how many people are aware of).
Anyways - the point of this is not this particular letter - although, at the very least, I feel good that someone in the government was forced to do a little research into Liberia.

The point is to bring attention to the issues you care about. One letter can make a difference.

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