Friday, March 2, 2007

Theme Music

Just working on music in our game. You would not believe what a difference it makes to the whole experience. Music is that way with life too.
Don't you think life would be better if we all had our own theme music?
Something that would play as you entered a room.
Who doesn't instantly know when Darth Vadar enters a room. Wouldn't you want to be as instantly recognizable too?
Garner was playing a little Johhny Cash 'Ring of Fire' on my way in this morning. I think that's what I'd pick - the little horn theme from that.

Of course, might be a little awkward talking to people with all of that music blaring, but hey - I'm just the idea man - someone else can figure that out.


Jensies said...

maybe you can just have entrance music - that way it'll only play for a small portion of time and not interfere with conversation.

although if you want general walking-down-the-street music that'd be a little different. There'd have to be a mute button, obviously.

details, really, just details, and wouldn't take away from the general awesomeness of it.

BioKeith said...

Entrance music is obviously the main attraction. The walking down the street music could get insane if you lived somewhere like New York.
This really is an early adopter technology too - if someone has already taken your entrance music, you might get stuck with something really shitty. Get shitty entrance music and you'd never want to go out. 'Oh listen, it's Air Supply - Fred must be here'.

michie said...

Are you knocking Air Supply?!? They're playing in Vegas this week. Hmmmmm... Tempting.


Poor Fred.