Monday, March 12, 2007


Mondays seem like a good day for a firedrill.
Now, around here, a designer firedrill is called whenever it seems like people are in need of a quick work-break. The word is spread, office to office, by whoever calls the drill. We file, in an orderly fashion, to the pub downstairs as quickly as possible whereupon we launch into a discussion of our evacuation techniques and other topics du jour. Of course, as our evacuation point happens to be in a pub, these meetings usually take place accompanied by some sort of frosty beverage. By the time we get back to work, most anything that has been bugging our team is out in the open and we are usually ready to be creative again (creativity CAN be wobbly, damn it!).
So next time you're at one of those points where the day drags out much longer than the laws of physics would seem to allow - remember your fire safety.


Jensies said...

your company sounds awesome

any openings for anything related to nutrition? or research? or general stuff? or just an opening for which no prior knowledge or experience is required? I could learn quick.

BioKeith said...

We did have an openning for Quality of Life Coordinator. How fun would that be? They're job was to come up with stuff to make life around here even better for employees and their families. You know what that means? Field Trips! I wanna go to the zoo!
I'll put in a word for a nutritionist. I know I could use one (damn the Horton's and their tempting donuts!).

Jensies said...


We can always compromise ... I wonder if it's possible to make whole-grain donuts that are baked instead of fried ... still have to have icing sugar or chocolate or something though ... I mean, I'm not crazy!

BioKeith said...

You haven't proven that yet.

Jensies said...


(dammit! I thought my facade was going so well ...)