Tuesday, March 27, 2007


There was no working late last night, they had the building evacuated a little before nine. Apparantly they are putting new wiring in and needed to X-Ray the entire office. Not just the old flash x-ray you get at the dentist's office, but they were going to leave the rays on for a few hours.
Now who doesn't think this is perhaps the greatest chance you'd ever get to pick up some extra super powers? I chickened out though and went for a drink at the Dog instead.
My friend has a pet frog on her desk, Leroy - I should go check if she remembered to take him home.
Hmmmm - well, either he went home or he's suddenly developed enough intelligence to escape from his bowl and is now eagerly plotting our destruction for keeping him captive for so many years. What would be a good name for a mad frog supervillain anyway?

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Anonymous said...

I should have left Leroy there to gain some superpowers. Maybe he'd still be with us today. So sad.
-- Cookie