Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It's a dry heat

The AC is out in the office today. You wouldn't think that would be a big problem in the middle of winter, but apparantly there's something about having a million computers in the building that generates a lot of heat.
That makes it a no-pants day. Now I'm usually in favor of scantilly-cladness, especially on nubile young women, but not so much when it's sweaty programmer guys.
The only thing worse around here is when it's no-shirt o'clock.


Jensies said...


could be the frozen barren wasteland that is my office ... no one gettin' naked in here! ... unfortunately

BioKeith said...

Let me know if you ever start having no-shirt o'clock.

Jensies said...

Haha well it would only be by myself ... soo ... just my typical day at home

maybe we can just assume it's "no-shirt o'clock" somewhere ... so all hours are fair game!

perhaps not for sweaty programmers though ... no offense :p