Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sex in Japan

This was one of the headlines on yesterday.

Nearly 40% of Japanese without sex for over month

Now first off - why is this a headline worthy story?

Secondly - does that mean that 60% of Japanese had sex this month? Hell - I like those odds better than mine here in Canada. I'm moving to Tokyo.


nater said...

even i like my odds in japan, 40% is better than 0%

michie said...

Personally, I like the odds and selection here better.

I'm sure that over there I'd be like some circus freak, and the men attracted to some horizontal mombo with me would simply have a sick fascination with the giant pale woman. They'd probably think I'm from Norway and have some kind of pituitary problem (or perhaps they haven't seen Deuce Bigelow)...

You guys should go though, maybe you'll find your mojo over there somewhere!