Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why men are superior packers

I have a friend taking off on a little trip - 1 week, and she insists that it'll take at least two evenings to pack and get ready (and before you say it, no - she's not just telling me this to avoid me - this was a serious discussion).
So why do women need that much time to pack? Any guy could get ready for a one week trip in about 20 minutes. 30 tops. Hell - I could get ready to leave on a round-the-world cruise in about that much time.
Do women have that much more stuff to bring? Or do they just overthink the entire packing process. Women spend too much time considering all of the different combinations of what they might possibly be wearing. 'Oh - I need a different top to go with those earrings, and what if we go out to a nice restaurant - and what if it get's a little chilly out at night'. And lets not forget the 4 pairs of shoes for different times of day.
Guys - clean underwear and clean socks and we're good to go. Anything else missing - and that's what the credit card is for.

Maybe I'm being hypocritical about it all - I mean - I appreciate a smart dressed woman as much as the next guy (maybe even more).
So you ladies - keep it up. But don't expect me to wait for you while you get ready - I'll meet you down by the pool. Now - you haven't seen my swimming trunks, have you? And my Visa? You know - it was on the table right by the tickets? No? Hmmmmm.


michie said...

For couples, the woman's packing sense provides a safety net which allows the man some peace of packing mind (i.e. the ability to pack in 20 mins).

Also, men don't mind so much when there are only one day of photos from the vacation because someone forgot the battery recharger for the digital camera. Men can let things go. No photos? Oh well. This sort of thing will drive the woman nuts for years to come. We know this, so we PREPARE out the yingyang to prevent future misery. And our misery will become yours. We always feel compelled to share it.

You're right, just let us do our thing and we'll be pleasant to be around for the whole trip!

I'm off to Vegas baby! Wooohoooo!

Jensies said...

It's true. I remember on a trip to Cuba my bag was at least twice as big as my then-significant other's. This is because I had all the important extras in MY bag (sunblock, advil, pepto-bismal, graval, etc. etc.) because I actually thought of it and didn't want to be stuck in a foreign country with some sort of stomach bug and 3rd degree sunburn! And you just know, at least once a day on the trip, it's like "hey dear, where is the .....". It's true - we pack more because we like to plan for every contingency. And we do get chilly at night. And you can't just wear any shirt with any pants/skirt. So shaddup. Don't we look pretty at the end of it all?

michie said...

Oh and one more VERY important point that I forgot--

Fast does NOT equal Superior.

And that doesn't just go for packing either!

Rosie said...

i always wait until the last minute to pack. i suck.

BioKeith said...

I already admitted to my hypocrite status. I appreciate the prettiness factor, but geesh - I'm a guy - guys ain't got time to make themselves look pretty on vacation time. That would totally cut into our drunken lazy bastard time.