Thursday, March 8, 2007

Potholes are here to stay

After my jeep nearly dissappeared into the abyss several times on my way to work, I think I can safely say this is the worst year for potholes I've ever seen.
Why is it so impossible to build a road that lasts? You think some smart engineer would have figured that one out by now.
My theory is that there is some kind of conspiracy going on with the construction companies. If the roads continue to need to be paved every summer, these companies are basically set up for life.
The engineer who comes up with a better road probably soon finds himself visited by several large members of the brotherhood of teamsters and promptly looses whatever blueprints he had for his new road.
I often wonder about most things you buy these days. How many times does something breakdown a month after the warranty expires? How much of this is planned obsolescence?
I have a fridge up at my cabin from the 1930s and its still happily plugging away. Has western civilization lost the knowledge on how to create something that lasts? Seems more likely that some weasily marketing type has something to do with it.

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