Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What is it about people in crowds that someone always thinks there's room for one more?
There were three of us at Starlight last night to see Metric and it was the most packed I've ever seen it. The interesting part was how someone always thought there would be more room and squeezed in next to us. It became a little game of defending our turf. Keep your elbows up. Bend but don't break. Eventually the interlopers slid back slightly and we were able to enjoy the rest of the concert.
Next time, I gotta pick a less popular band.


michie said...

I know exactly what you're talking about Keith!

I often want to defend little Jensies against pushers and shovers. She usually tells me not to but you have to defend your turf. The worst is when a really tall person squeezes in front of her so she has to back up and then can't see anything.

At Ok Go/Snow Patrol there was a girl who pushed her way in and stood right by Jen. She had a pony tail and kept winging it in Jen's face. I just reached over and gave it a litte tug; problem solved! Hehehe.

At My Chemical Romance last night at Rexall, we were way closer to the stage and the crowd was way less shovey or packed than Ok Go/SP at the Shaw... Figure that one out! My ears will never be the same, however.

BioKeith said...

What I hate is when you've got a pretty good spot - everyone around you is pretty comfortable, and then some tall person decides they have to be farther in front so they shove their way in somewhere in front of you.
Are all tall people nearsighted? Do they need to be extra close?
They should just line everyone up by size - if you're this tall - you go in this row, if you're short - you're at the front. Then it wouldn't matter what time you showed up to the gig and everyone would have a pretty good view.