Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Price of Fun

What's the most that you've ever paid to get in to see a concert or an event. For me it was the $350 US I paid for Prince at New Year's. (they doubled the normal price just cause it was New Year's, damn them)
I thought I was crazy to pay that much, but wow - check this out, Barbra Streisand it doing a european tour - tickets.... $200-$1000!
$1000 fricking bucks! Are you kidding? What kind of show is worth that? Does she kick everyone else out of the arena and sing the encore just for you?
Now I've never seen Streisand or ever had any desire to, but I do have a morbid curiosity to see what kind of people will actually show up there. I shouldn't be so judgemental. I'm sure they're all very nice people who contribute regularly to charity (like a christmas gift every year for the butler).

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