Monday, May 14, 2007

Dating: An anthropological study

It always amazes me what a guy will say or do to attract a woman. It amazes me even more when any of our attempts actually work.
Half the fun of going to the bar these days is to observe these mating rituals in progress.
Guys will fire their 'lines' at a particular woman, and if he's unsuccessful, you can watch him turn around and use the same line on someone else.

It's the spam theory of dating. Somebody responds to those emails about Nigerian royalty trying to get their money into the country, don't they.

Online dating is even worse, guys will peruse the lists of new pictures to an online site and send out their form email. As soon as they get a response, it is really like the old 'fish on the line' analogy. It's a fight to get them off of the dating site and onto some instant messanger as soon as you can. Truly this is spam dating at its finest.

Cynical, maybe? Trouble is... us guys, I think we must be out of other ideas.

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