Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First day of school

Yesterday was the first day of the school year.

Wow - what a difference that makes. Suddenly the roads are packed - the drive to work takes 10 minutes longer.

Since I moved I have a nice scenic route through some quiet residential neighbourhoods on my way across the river. Not so quiet any more. Wall to wall cars as parents drop their kids off at school. What ever happened to walking (or biking) to school.

It was kind of cute seeing some of the little kids clutching their parents hands as they went for their first day of class. I remember that very first day being pretty scary - but after that, it became a pretty fun day. You get to see all the friends you haven't seen all summer, find out what they got up to. Start getting into trouble at recess again.

That's what you miss out on when you get a job in the real world - that first day of school feeling.


Cookie Everman said...

You can have that feeling again on your first day at the new project. I'll buy you some new crayons if it will help.

BioKeith said...

I loved my new pack of crayons at the start of the year! But there was always some kid who had a bigger set...