Monday, September 17, 2007

Graduation day

I'm off to my new project today (whenever they eventually get around to moving me upstairs).
It kind of feels like the last day of school/first day of school combined.
On the one hand, it feels sad to be leaving all of the friends I've worked with the for the last couple years. We've shared all the laughs and frustrations and rewards of being on a huge project like Mass Effect. We've all bonded through the shared pain and pressures of crunch these last months.

I feel like I should be getting them to sign my yearbook or something.

On the other hand, I'm excited to be starting a new project, with new challenges and new people to get to know. A chance to start out fresh again. A chance to once again be early enough in a project to effect change. A chance to be revitalized by new outlets for creativity - not be forced to compromise due to deadlines or any of the myriad other reasons that affect decisions when making games.

I hope the kids in my new office will be friends with me.
At least I have a new set of crayolas.


Cookie Everman said...

I'm glad we got to be friends this year, KPAX. Friends 4 Ever! K.I.T.! Heh.

If those kids upstairs are mean to you, just remember that there are people down here who love you.

BioKeith said...

Thanks for the crayolas, cookie!

nate said...

you will make no friends