Thursday, September 6, 2007

Internet - is there anything you don't know?

Speaking of of the things I realize about my university days is that the knowledge I retained from those days often has very little to do with the classes I went to, but was more likely to be random tidbits of information that I found interesting.

And this was before the days of the internet. The amount of random interesting bits of knowledge available to the average internet user these days is staggering. There really is no excuse not to be learning something new every day (but it must be said that one must always consider the source - just because it's on the Wikipedia doesn't always make it 100% true).

Anyways - the most interesting thing I've come across recently is this.

The 1906 biography of Geronimo - as told by him to the superintendant of education while he was in a military reservation near the end of his life. It's quite a fascinating read and a perspective of history that probably not a lot of people have been exposed to.

Thanks internet!

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