Thursday, June 21, 2007

Above the earth

I was down on Whyte last night - we went to the patio at Chili's. I'd never been up there before cause, you know - it's Chili's - but man, they've done a nice job up there.
It's this large, multi-level patio - with a pretty cool view of the neighbourhood.
And of course, my opinion of the place wasn't hurt by the plethora of attractive young women up there - but anyway...

My question is, why doesn't every building down there have a rooftop patio. There was nothing but flat roofs as far as the eye could see. You could have overstreet pedways going across the blocks connecting up all of these patios. You'd never have to set foot on the ground again.
Life is better up on the roof!


nater said...

last year me and 2buddy's were saying the same as you were, hell of a idea

michie said...

That's why the Wooftop RULES!!!