Monday, June 4, 2007

Tired Monday...

2 games of soccer, 2 open houses and 1 Police concert later and the weekend's over and it's back to work.
The Police put on a pretty damn good show - although I still find it amusing that they seem to have gone from punk/rock to almost adult contemporary. was a beautiful evening, the beer was flowing and the music was good.
Can't ask for too much more....except maybe an extra day for recovery.


michie said...

They were punk/rock? Punk? I would have to disagree. They were very mainstream and bordering on adult contemporary even back then! No?

I know what you're saying on the changing classifications though. I read a Stage West program recently for a show that did a rundown of Canadian music. Under the Hard Rock category was April Wine and Loverboy. Hard rock? Hahaha. Now that's funny!

BioKeith said...

I think they were right on the dying edge of punk back then (at least for their first album - maybe not in their 'King of Pain' days.
Maybe it's that punk means something different these days. I mean, look at the Ramones - you hear them in car commercials these days - how much more main stream than that can you get?