Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lyrical Thursday

Some songs I like just for the tune - some songs I like for the lyrics - and some songs don't even make my 10 ten list, but still, something in the lyrics is really cool.

Here's part 1 of my list of best song lyrics:

Best Canadiana

'Hurtin Albertan with nothing more to lose. Too much oil money, not enough booze.' Corb Lund, Hurtin Albertan

'You said you didn't give a fuck about hockey, and I'd never saw someone say that before'
'You held my hand and we walked home the long way, you were losening my grip on Bobby Orr'
Tragically Hip, Fireworks

And a Couple Random Selections

'All these precious moments you promised me would come in time. So where was I when I missed mine.'
Time won't let me Go, The Bravery

'It's not the right time to be sober, now the idiots have taken over'.
The Idiots are Taking Over, NoFX

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