Monday, June 18, 2007


So I'm playing soccer on Friday night - probably I didn't take enough of a warmup - but I've been playing for about 10 minutes and then, just stretching for a ball, I feel this shooting fiery feeling going up one of the tendons behind my knee.

Now I've injured myself before, I've had one knee reconstructed, I've twisted innumerable ankles, popped many a hamstring...but this was a new one. I stopped right away and strangely, felt nothing at all - my leg felt fine. So I try to take a couple steps - just to see - and yup, that leg ain't working any more.

What's depressing, as you get older, is the number of new things that seem to break down on the body. It's just like buying any appliance these days. As soon as the warranty is up - you know it's only a matter of days before something goes wrong. With the body - there's always some new strange ache to wake up to. And the older you get, the longer it takes for them to go away.

I new I should have taken out the extended warranty.


nater said...

to bad the mind doesn't have more of a say in it, i think we would have less injuries as we get older or maybe not???

BioKeith said...

Are you saying we should get less injured as we get older cause we're wiser?
I think that's my problem - lack of wisdom. I should have given up trying to be young long ago!