Monday, April 2, 2007

200 DHU Monday

We have an informal unit of measurement here at Bioware, the DHU, otherwise known as the David Hasselhoff Unit. It's a measurement of stress level around the office, so that 5 DHUs could be getting interrupted on your way out for your morning coffee. 40 DHUs could be your officemates nattering on incessently while you are in the midst of concentrating on some problem or another. 1000 DHUs is the level of stress when we're in full on crunch time, 6 day work week kind of hours.

Usually at our company meetings, one of the producers incorporates the Hoff into his presentation. It's like watching an accident about to happen - you know what's coming, but you can't turn away.

I think Mondays in general rate about 200 DHUs. They are just plain annoying. The weekend is still fresh in your mind and here comes Monday to ruin all your fun. It takes at least until Tuesday to get back in the swing of things.

And just so everyone knows - this is what 1000 DHUs looks like.

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