Friday, April 13, 2007


I find the perceptions with which news and events are reported to be quite fascinating.
So much of what we are told or read is totally subjective. Take this latest case, which has some relevence to my own job.
The FTC (Federal Trade Commision) in the States recently issued a report on marketing media violence to children. In it, it gives mixed reviews to the video games industry's efforts at limiting sales of violent video games to children under 17.
The wide range of spin in how this story was reported is quite amazing. Here's a couple samples.

FTC says content curbs fall short - L.A. Times
FTC: game industry self-policing improving - GameSpot
Report says the young buy violent games and movies - NY Times
FTC: self-regulation of violent content working - Beta News
Report: Violence still aimed at kids - Variety
FTC: Game are better regulated than music, movies - Ars Technica

It makes me wonder who or what influences are behind the reporting we see on most subjects.
If you haven't had a look already - check out my link to Spin Cycles, CBC Radio's fascinating story on the history of PR.

A link to some reporting on the FTC report.

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