Thursday, April 26, 2007

World's greatest villains

Making video games, it's essential to have a memorable villain in your story. Something that's really going to rile someone up. Same as a good action movie.

Here's my list of who makes the 'best' bad guys.

10. Terrorists - a more recent entry into the mix - not my favorite - they're never your smartest villains, which works against them.

9. Eldritch Horror - Nothing says evil like the incomprehensible. Oh Cthulhu, so misunderstood.

8. The Irish - Nothing says bad guy like an accent - and the first of the accents on the list has to go to the Irish. They're your working class villains.

7. Guys in masks - who can trust a guy in a mask? (The Lone Ranger and Zorro being the exceptions) Darth Vader - you knew nothing good was going to come from him the first time you saw him.

6. The Dead - Zombies, ghosts, ghouls - a little mindless horror can be fun.

5. Aliens - There's something cool about having an entire alient race trying to destroy your planet. We could only be so lucky.

4. German accent guy - not to be confused with the Nazis, think of more your modern villain - like in Die Hard

3. English accent guy - Ah the english... so well mannered, and so evil.

2. Pirates - Pirates don't make the top of the list only cause they're usually so cool - they're the bad guy that everyone wants to be.

1. Nazis 'Und zis is how ve say goodbye in German'. Best..line..ever.

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