Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Philosophy

Life is a series of 'Great Experiences' surrounded by a void of meaningless days.

There's nothing wrong with meaningless days - they can be filled with friends and fun. But look back 10 years in the past. What do you remember? Not the average daily grind, no - you remember the 'great experiences'. What is a 'great experience'? It can be anything, really - it could be an exotic vacation, those 2 years you spent living like a hermit contemplating life, those 6 years you spent getting a 4 year degree, that week of fantastic sex with someone you've never seen since.

Right now, I feel like I'm in the midst of some meaningless days, but I just have this feeling like I'm on the cusp of a 'great experience'.

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Anonymous said...

Today I chose to skip a meaningless day and create a small but great experience: getting some beautiful basil at the Farmers' Market and bocconcini at the Italian Centre to make a yummalicious Insalata Caprese for dinner. Glad we had that talk, my friend. -- Cookie