Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An 'Awesome' trip

Well the road trip was amazing. If you've never driven the Coquihalla, I highly recommend it.
It feels like you're driving out of the clouds - this amazing, lush forest towering above you on each side. Plus you can just fly when you're on it. Divided all the way from Kamloops into Vancouver. Made the trip in 12 hours on the way there and just under 11 on the way back.
Even managed a few wild life sightings as well - a bear, some mountain goats and even a couple moose (which I hadn't ever seen before, actually)

Anyways - it was good having the four horsemen together again. Some things may change over time, but you know your real friends are the ones that you pick up things right where you left off - no matter how long its been since you've seen them.

On a side note - Kyle noted that western canadians seem to be using the word 'awesome' an awful lot these days - and not in it's original sense - that of striking 'awe', but more as an alternative way of saying 'great'. Funny thing was, as soon as Kyle pointed it out, I couldn't help but notice every time I happened to say it. That's my new goal - I'm expanding my vocabulary and routing out all of the awesomes I can...

wonderful... admirable...dynamite...transcendent...fantastic...first-rate...marvelous...terrific......tremendous...exceptional

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Cookie Everman said...

You should bring "radical" back into vogue:

"Dude, I just got back from Vangroovy. It was totally radical!"