Friday, August 10, 2007

Folking tired!

One day in and I'm already tired.

Damn this work. Totally getting in the way of my folk enjoyment.I'm not a young man anymore, you know - four straight days of drinking is going to take its toll.Plus I didn't even get monday off this year - one of the cardinal rules of folk fest.

Here's hoping I make it to Sunday.

Blue Rodeo is headlining tonight - I've seen them plenty of times, but I'm sure they'll put on a good show in the rain.

Thanks to Cookie for coming along last night. I'm stealing a couple of your photos to put up here as well.

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Cookie Everman said...

No, darling, thank YOU for a fun night of raising my booze tolerance level and chasing down the jolly Scotsman. See you on Sunday! Look for my flowered bellbottoms. They are gonna be SWEET!