Thursday, August 9, 2007

Time to get the folk out!

Edmonton Folk Fest starts tonight!
Easily one of my favorite festivals of the year. (mmmmm, hippie girls)

It never used to be on my radar - 'folk music', I'd say to myself. 'Who listens to that crap?'
But you go once or twice, just cause your friends are working the beer gardens, and maybe you get a little older and you start to broaden your musical horizons and BAM! Just like that, suddenly you're a folkie. Not only that, but I've become some kind of evangelical folkie. My festival hasn't been a success unless I can drag someone down to it that has never been before.

Seems like every year there's some new music to discover, some old friends to meet, some new memories to make.

It's been raining this week so it's going to be muddy and there's no big headliners this year, but bring on the fest - I'm ready to go!


Damn Receipt said...

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Cookie Everman said...

Thanks again for dragging me out to my very first Folkfest. You're my most favoritest Paddington bear ever! I've posted photos on my blog. (Look at us, commenting on each other's blogs when we are working right next door to one another. Ah, modern communication.)