Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fire makes it good

I was playing Bioshock the other day (a new xbox game that's been getting good reviews) and I must confess that one of the things I quite like are the ambient scenes when they have someone do the old run-flaming-into-a-room-and-then-collapse stunt.

What is it about fire that ups the fun factor of anything by 12?

Juggling? Any dum dum can juggle bowling pins, but you light those bowling pins on fire and I'll watch.
Car crashes? Who doesn't watch Nascar for the car crashes - but hey - one of those wrecks catches on fire and you've got compelling television.
Camping? Sure it's great getting outdoors and all, but until you have a campfire - it's just missing something.
Homework? Who hasn't used the excuse that their homework accidentally burned up?

My suggestion to you for the rest of the week - see where you can add fire to your own life...I guarantee a 12 point increase in the amount of fun you have.

NOTE: This blog cannot be held liable for any related damage that may occur when adding fire to anything

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